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Woman in a long sleeved dark green shirt holding a white mug that says "like a boss" in black lettering.

One Way out of the Title Confusion

by Kate Harry Shipham, KHS People LLC

Woman in a long sleeved dark green shirt holding a white mug that says "like a boss" in black lettering.

We are starting a new segment where we feature blogs on hot topics by prominent CPA firm marketing consultants, recruiters and digital branding agencies we’ve partnered with to help grow both teams exponentially. This month, we found KHS People’s blog on the topic of title confusion quite… topical, so we are sharing Kate’s words of wisdom on the Ingenuity site – with permission, of course.

In a previous article, KHS People shared their market research about the causes as to why BD and marketing titles create confusion. 

One way out of this title confusion is to standardize titles and reset on the purpose and experience requirements for each level. This will look different for large and smaller firms, although, it doesn’t necessarily have to be.


We hear this word frequently, but let’s hone in on what that would actually look like.

​This below uses a larger firm as an example:

Woman in a long sleeved dark green shirt holding a white mug that says "like a boss" in black lettering.

Makes sense. Keep going…

Now let’s take this one step further. 

​Consider for a moment if there was active management of this career path. This means clear decision points along the way to help the marketer play to their strengths. This benefits the marketer and the firm; more professional satisfaction makes for less turnover in firms. It is this turnover that has rocked the legal marketing industry since 2020. 

An example:

The first decision point could be relatively easy. It would also allow the firm and individual marketer to consciously discuss and decide on the type of Manager both think is appropriate.

The second shift is more significant and will likely mean a cultural shift for many. Having said this, it doesn’t have to mean “the addition of sales”. A far more subtle and finessed shift would be the better option for many. 

It does give both the firm and the marketer a more active and controlled role:

For the firm

  • Clear and defined titles avoid any confusion.
  • Different career paths are offered to help retain their team and align individual skills and strengths with the appropriate course.
  • The firm is innovative with respect to how it goes to market and how it engages and actively helps to manage its marketers.

For the marketer

  • Active management of one’s career creates ownership and a greater purpose.
  • Defined stages with each level resetting their specific purpose (and, arguably, some Specialist and Manager levels regaining credibility because of this newly defined purpose). 
  • Opting in or out of a fresh structure acknowledges how the career path of a marketer has changed. 

Originally published on khspeople.com

Thanks, Kate, for letting us share this amazing article. For more tips on recruiting and retention for law firms, visit KHS People.

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Proactive Association Member Recruitment

Recruiting new members to a professional services association can be difficult. Ingenuity Marketing Group is here to help. Watch our video or read the transcript below to learn how to maximize your leads for new members and grow your organization.

We talk about creating a sense of urgency, personalizing your approach and more. Happy hunting!

If you prefer to read this content, the video transcript is below.

Associations are always on the hunt for new members. It’s a long process, but proactive recruitment can support your success.

Here are three ways that you can achieve more success and value from your recruitment efforts.

My first tip is to narrow your focus. Member marketing is very personal. Whether you use a lead qualifying service or do the prospecting on your own, your list should be highly targeted and well researched. Then start with 10 to 20 specific prospects for your strategy.

Next, develop a personalized approach to your communication. Potential members want to feel important. Your association should feel VIP to them.

For this strategy, don’t send a generic postcard or email to everyone at once. Instead, a handwritten note or a personal invitation to an event is much more successful.

And finally, once you have made contact, don’t wait more than a week or two to follow up. Create urgency for their response with a follow-up email that communicates your desire to have them as part of the association and how it will benefit them.

You can even leave a quick voicemail to make sure they received your personal invitation.

This is only the beginning of proactive recruitment. Then comes the hard part, getting them to join!

This can require several check-ins, little tokens of appreciation and ready-to-send resources. Set up these touches on your calendar so you don’t forget. Remember people like to be wooed.  It’s just like dating.

One more tip. Don’t be afraid to opt out if the lead isn’t going anywhere. You will know within a few months if it’s an opportunity or not. If not, add a fresh prospect to your list and move on.

In other words, don’t wait for potential members to come to you. Get out there and show them how much your association can help them.

Click here to find out how Ingenuity can market your Association.



Person typing a message into Slack application on laptop.

Keep Conversation Flowing When Working Remotely

When the entire team was in the office, short conversations in the breakroom or by the printer were common and helped you get to know your coworkers. Maybe you’ve heard these quick chats called “water cooler moments.” Water cooler moments are a great opportunity to simply hang out with one another and get to know coworkers on a personal level. You may have had many water cooler moments with clients as well when you met up for lunch or happy hour to discuss upcoming projects.

Now that many offices are working remotely or have implemented a flexible work-from-home model, these personal and impromptu moments to connect are far and few between. Here are a few ways to make water cooler moments with coworkers or clients possible when working remotely.

Incorporate Casual Conversation into Your Routine Meetings

Add time for water cooler moments into your regularly scheduled meetings. You can even add structure to these casual conversations by planning a specific question to ask in advance, or noting to catch up on the client’s recent vacation that they took. Taking the time to ask these light-hearted, personal questions allows you to build meaningful relationships with coworkers and clients. It allows you to understand their thought processes and patterns, which can make work more fun for everyone.

During these water cooler moments, take note of any personal status updates a coworker or client shares with you. Building strong relationships is possible even when working remotely! Remembering that a coworker was going to a specific state for vacation allows you to follow up and ask specific questions about their time off. Or maybe you notice that your client’s office has a different décor. Make personal connections whenever you get the chance to maintain a positive work environment, even when you’re at home.

PODCAST: Quick tips to nurture client relationships

Utilize Technology

There are many tools to make water cooler moments even more impromptu than during a meeting. Utilizing tools like Slack and chat features tied to your email or video conference software are easy ways to quickly say hello to a friend at the company. These features can also be used for quick work updates, so whenever you have to share a status update on a project, make sure to ask about the coworker’s kickball league or favorite sports team. These conversations don’t have to be long, but are meaningful and help build team comradery.

There are many different types of professional online messaging tools your firm or association can use to stay connected. If you don’t know of a tool that your organization uses, reach out to the HR or IT department. Maybe there is one that you need to get connected to, or they would be able to set one up for the entire team to take advantage of.

VIDEO: A positive work culture attracts great candidates. Learn more!

Get Face-to-Face

The best part of in-office water cooler moments is that you had the opportunity to connect with coworkers that you didn’t work with directly, or you could schedule regular hangouts with a client. When we work from home, that opportunity to connect with different teams or departments is often missed. If you’re like us at Ingenuity, you love forming relationships with people. Don’t be afraid to admit that casual conversations in the middle of the work day is something that can turn your day around! If this is you too, invite a coworker or client to have a quick 15-minute phone or video call with you over coffee.

These conversations aren’t impromptu, but can certainly be something to look forward to. Just because so many of us are working from home doesn’t mean that we don’t have to see one another. Reach out and send the invitation to connect. You may be surprised at how many of the people you enjoyed talking with near the printer in the office will want to chat remotely.

Keep the Conversation Light

Quick chats in the breakroom were fun because they were refreshing. The topic of work didn’t come up often. It was a little bit of a break that allowed you to go back to your task at hand with a new perspective and cleared mind. Light conversations also helped you form long-lasting relationships with clients.

Keep the same strategy in place when you decide to send someone an online message, invite them to a one-on-one video call or when incorporating water cooler moments into your meetings. Allow this time to be a little break from the reality of your work day.

By taking a break, you gain momentum on your project when you get back to your desk. Your clients also benefit from the break, and the entire office benefits by you having built stronger coworker relationships. Relationships that you form through these impromptu conversations will allow you to work better with coworkers and clients. Not only will you work better with one another, but work will be more fun, more conversational and the finished project results will be collaborative and successful. Implement more water cooler moments into your work-from-home routine and reap the benefits!

Virtual networking is here to stay! Learn more tips about how virtual tools can boost your firm or associations business development strategy.


Video title slide for 3 Ways You Can Retain Talent Through Brand Positioning.

3 Ways to Retain Talent Through Brand Positioning

Recognizing the talents of your team can go a long way in retaining your best employees and recruiting new talent. In addition, happy employees are the key to great client service. In this video, hear from Dawn Wagenaar, Principal at Ingenuity Marketing Group, as she shares how brand positioning can help your professional services firm retain key employees.


If you prefer to read the video transcript, you may find it below:

As a business owner, I know how important it is to recognize and promote the talents of my team. But with project management deadlines and business development, it can be easy to forget this important piece of talent retention — and recruitment.

Happy employees are the key to client service and recruitment. Here are a few ways to recognize them. These ideas will help you attract more great employees.

How about going social? Create some “meet the team” posts on your social media channels. Share a photo of an employee and talk about why this person is great. Choose employees by lottery or start by featuring your leaders.

A second idea is to include younger team members as authors or presenters. Use a ghostwriter or outsourced vendor to help them write a blog post or develop a video.   They might need some initial coaching or art direction, but it’s a great way to showcase your team’s diversity and personalities.

Here’s one more idea. Nominate them for awards. Some of your team members are doing amazing things inside and outside the office. Look for ways to nominate them for industry awards, community or business awards in your region. If you need help investigating your options, you can outsource this public relations task.

A great reputation attracts more talent! Recognize your employees, and word will get around!


Illustration of a diagram with connectors coming from a central gear

Four Ways Outsourcing Creates Opportunity for your Professional Services Firm

Illustration of a diagram with connectors coming from a central gearOne important quality in being a good leader is in knowing when to look beyond you and your team to fill the gaps in your firm’s marketing. Whether these gaps are time, resources or expertise, you get help where and when you need it most when you work with an outsourced marketing firm. You only have so many hours to use in a day and can only know so much about the fast-changing, best practices in marketing. How can you use e-mail to stay in front of your prospects and turn them into leads? What is the best social media strategy for your firm and within your target market? Outsourcing your marketing helps you solve these challenges and contributes to growth for your professional services firm.

Gain Skills and Expertise

An outsourced marketing firm can augment the skills of your team and fill any talent or knowledge gaps in your firm. To create good website copy, you need a digital copywriter who understands how to write compelling web copy that keeps your audience on your site. To get media exposure, you need a public relations specialist who understands journalism and how to get your press releases in front of the right person. An outsourced marketing agency can bridge this gap between what you know and what you need to know.

Accelerate Growth

When it comes to launching a new brand, developing a content strategy or conducting research, it is faster and more efficient to outsource the areas your team needs the support in. In these cases, time is critical and training someone on your team for what is needed or hiring a new employee would take too much time.

Perhaps your firm is observing rapid growth in a service or niche. If your team is already operating at maximum capacity or doesn’t have the expertise in the growing industry or niche, this is when outsourcing may be the most viable and efficient option for your firm.

Reduced Costs

Outsourcing provides some creative solutions for budgeting. Moving some of your marketing expenses from a fixed cost to a variable cost, allows you some flexibility with your budget, projects and campaigns. Firms are feeling the pains of reduced marketing budgets and the expectation to produce better results with fewer resources. This is where outsourcing your marketing can provide you with a higher level of results for projects through consultants at the top of their field.

Marketing Continuity

Recruiting, training and keeping employees can be costly and if they leave your firm, it can affect your marketing strategies. By outsourcing your marketing, you can receive continuity of services and peace-of-mind that your goals and objectives won’t be impacted by staffing challenges. The outsourced marketing agency takes on the burden of hiring and training staff, allowing you to focus on what needs to be done for your firm to grow.

A good outsourced marketing agency is ready to help you look like a rock star with your firm partners and leaders. Set a clear path to the next level of growth for your professional services firm with the support of Ingenuity’s growth and marketing consultants. 


Title for Four Ways to Attract Great Candidates

Four Ways to Attract Great Candidates

A firm’s greatest asset is its people. In today’s competitive talent market, there’s growing concern over recruitment and employee retention. We put together some easy ways you can communicate the culture and value of your firm to prospective and even current employees. In this video, Leah Spielman, marketing consultant, provides four ways you can attract great candidates to your professional services firm. Apply these concepts to help your firm stand out.

Gain insight into your firm’s culture and employee satisfaction through comprehensive research and employee surveys. Ingenuity can help!