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3 Tips for Magnetic Tradeshow Booth Design

Isometric illustration of a trade show floor with people walking around

Does your tradeshow booth design capture audience attention in two seconds from 10 feet away? When you are competing with multiple vendors in a busy space, you can’t fail the two-second test.

A magnetic tradeshow booth design is possible with the right branding strategy. Design Consultant Robert Wasiluk has seen many common mistakes with this important piece of your branding for a tradeshow. In this video, he introduces three ways that tradeshow booth design can fail.

Watch the full video for more details.

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Full Video Script

The look of your tradeshow booth should be well branded. The colors, the fonts, the images and overall impact of your display should quickly attract and inform people.

Think of a billboard on a highway. That’s how much time you have to capture someone’s attention. Two seconds or less. Here are three ways that tradeshow booth designs can fail the two-second test.

Number one, less is more. When tradeshow booths have too many elements, people don’t know where to look. You should have one defining image that represents your brand and draws people in to learn more.

Number two, boring colors. If your brand palette is more neutral, then jazz it up with a brighter accent color. Use color contrast to make words pop on tradeshow banners so they’re easy to read from 10 feet away.

And number three, your messaging should be about your audience. If you share your services, include headlines that promise an experience or outcome to your booth visitors.

A bonus tip: make sure to have any contact information, QR codes or calls to action easily visible on the banner. And test your QR codes to make sure they’re scanning properly. It takes more than candy, but you can have that, too. Best of luck and contact me with your design questions for in-person and digital marketing strategies.

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