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How to Find Your HR & Marketing Besties

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Here’s how marketing and HR can help each other more.

Closing a loophole in your recruiting efforts is simpler than you may think – get marketing and HR to work more closely together! 


  • Understand what each group needs to fulfill their role
  • Put yourself in their shoes to see the growth opportunities
  • Align your goals and tactics in the marketing plan
  • Communicate with each other frequently; adjust goals and measure results

Bite-sized Advice 

Here are 4 tips for working seamlessly to support marketing and HR.

  1. Example of HR giving back to marketing – At your next careers fair, take photos and gather prospect feedback. Marketing can share photos on social and enhance recruitment messaging, which makes your brand look better for recruitment and growth.
  2. Example of marketing giving back to HR – When you’re putting together your marketing plan for the year, include a section on talent branding to support collaboration for retention and recruitment.
  3. Example of marketing giving back to HR – Include Careers or Jobs page keywords in your overarching target keyword list, which drives candidates to the job positions on your site.
  4. Example of HR giving back to marketing – Work together on careers content and talking points to incorporate your firm branding into recruitment.

Marketing and HR: You’re both extremely important to the firm! The more you collaborate, the better results you’ll get!

It’s a win-win.

Here is one more example of CPA firm marketing and HR working together to produce an amazing, multipurpose report. It is attracting new hires while aiding retention and firm growth for this regional firm. 

Check out the results.

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