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Cover of the 2022 State of the Firm ReportAnglin Reichmann Armstrong wants to track and report on their successes beyond financial growth. Their original idea was to create a high-quality State of the Firm report to share with their team at the annual meeting.

Over the past several years, it has become much more.

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Ingenuity’s communications and design consultants take all the raw data gathered over an entire year, and we organize it into a story of the firm that supports team retention — building camaraderie and excitement for the coming year. The report is also written and designed to be used for recruitment to attract future interns and new hires. As a third opportunity, the leadership team uses the report in its growth strategy discussions.

We keep these goals in mind when writing and designing the report each year. In addition to volunteer hours, donations, awards and internal promotions, new hires, speaking engagements and firm events, we highlight niche industry activities and the firm’s plans for the coming year. This helps everyone on the team stay informed about major initiatives and to celebrate their individual accomplishments.


Anglin’s State of the Firm report is a benchmark for sustaining this Top 400 regional firm as a best place to work. It also has helped the growing team get to know each other on a more personal level. For future hiring and potential M&A conversations, the report is a unique method for sharing Anglin’s culture and growth with specific examples and visual interest.


“Ingenuity has helped us design several attractive State of the Firm reports that include lots of photos, statistics and quotes from employees. Firms do annual reports to share KPIs with their team or for the benefit of M&A and finance. But we have found this State of the Firm report far more relevant.”

– Gary Anglin, CPA, Partner,
Chairman of the Board,
Anglin Reichmann Armstrong

“The State of the Firm publication really paints that picture of our firm culture when you can see it in the writing and in the photos. Specifically, people comment on the depth of community involvement we have and also the variety of social activities. It has helped them see the quality of firm culture we have and has kept them interested – and in some cases made them interested in just us!”

– Wendy Tucker, Director of Staff Development
Anglin Reichmann Armstrong