Haskell & White

This independently owned public accounting and advisory firm in Southern California sought Ingenuity’s guidance on refreshing their branded ad campaign. It needed to be on message for their brand and versatile enough to be used in several firm advertising opportunities throughout the year.

The campaign also needed to tie in the firm’s tagline, “The Value of Experience.” In addition, the firm wanted to use engaging images that communicated their brand, the challenges faced in 2020, and more focused on the people they serve.

Family balancing on one leg on a dock overlooking a lake.

Advertising Marketing Strategies

Ingenuity’s communications consultant interviewed the firm’s managing partner and marketing director to collect ideas on words, imagery and business goals. Identifying words that reflected the firm but weren’t overused in the industry was a primary goal.

Due to the circumstances of 2020 and world events, our choice of words and images had to be especially sensitive to brand perception by avoiding anything incoherent or disconnected from what their audiences are experiencing in daily life or work. But the ads also needed to feel universal and evergreen as well as positive and aligned with the firm’s messaging and audiences.

We collaborated with the marketing team and their designer to agree on a few working concepts, personas and headlines. Gaining their feedback, we fleshed out the copy and helped them finalize two versions of branded ads – one featuring “nimble” financial advisory services as a theme and one focusing on the advantage of clients being treated like VIPs and not having to wait for answers when working with Haskell & White.

Advertising Results

The client was pleased with the versatility and creativity of both final ads as well as the positive and inspiring messages about how their professionals work with clients. The ads can be easily submitted for a variety of publications in print and online due to their evergreen and universal messaging.

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