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Why are testimonials vital for recruitment? Every firm will say they are great at what they do; that’s the job of your website and your salespeople, to make you look good.

How can you prove it?

Third-party validation. Testimonials. 95% of people say that reviews, positive or negative, influence their purchasing decisions. Two out of three people say they’d be more likely to make a purchase after watching a testimonial video demonstrating how a business, product, or service had helped another person like them (

How to use testimonials:

  • Glassdoor (employee testimonials)
  • LinkedIn (employee and client testimonials)
  • Google Business (employee and client testimonials)
  • Yelp (employee and client testimonials
  • Website (not just on one page, but sprinkled throughout services pages and careers pages)
  • Project pages (add testimonials to your project examples for even more validation of project success)

Tips for getting great testimonials:

Here are 3 tips for getting people to share their testimonials with you.

  1. Make them comfortable – let them know that they can review their comments before publishing.
  2. Ask open-ended questions – you are trying to capture interesting quotes.
  3. Ask them to share a story – what makes the most difference to them; how has your relationship enhanced their business or career?

When candidates are considering joining your firm, one of the questions they’re asking is: How is the company culture? Candidates like to see that clients are happy when considering your firm. They will review your Google Business profile, Facebook page and your website. Show them you have a positive company culture by making testimonials and reviews a top priority in your marketing strategy. 

AEC Firm Intern Testimonials
We recently worked with a Minneapolis engineering firm on intern testimonials. By adding testimonials to their social media strategy, they are showing current clients and future hires that they embrace technology and care about their people. This boosts client and staff retention and aids in candidate lead generation, too.

Check out their results.

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