We assisted this engineering firm with intern interviews and video testimonials to support higher engagement on their careers pages and to attract new intern applications.

Marketing for Engineering

When marketing for engineering recruitment, video testimonials add power to the messaging you share about your firm.

Particularly for interns, you only have a short window for producing videos near the end of their experience, so this firm found value in outsourcing to our team to expand their marketing capacity. We scheduled and conducted the interviews and captured video footage for their careers pages and social channels.

We collected still images and video footage of the interns to make the videos more interesting. This included office shots, outings and socializing. Once we had the raw videos, we provided editing, captioning, description writing, tagging and branding alignment.

We also wrote meta data with the client’s preferred SEO keywords for website publishing and search optimization. For social promotion, we edited short video clips of the intern interviews and linked them back to the client’s careers pages.


The client now has several videos to help them promote their intern program and to support their overall marketing for engineering recruitment strategy. Through outsourcing, their project was completed quickly, and SEO optimized.

Regular careers social promotion increases TKDA’s followers and traffic back to their website for candidate engagement and recruitment.

Our Client Says

“Having Ingenuity manage the entire intern video production project added capacity to our busy team for an important marketing opportunity. They collaborate well and understand how to maximize our content. Great results.”

– Craig Anderson,
Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer,