Rojas Spanish Language

We assisted local Spanish language school Rojas Spanish Language in increasing their website traffic, boosting social engagement, and driving new students to in-person Spanish lessons through targeted Google Ads campaigns.

It warms our hearts to hear about the impact they’ve already seen as a result of their campaigns.

Strategic SEO Campaign for Enhanced Visibility

Empowering Rojas Spanish Language through optimized search engine strategies to reach a broader audience and generate more leads.

Rojas website on laptop and mobile device.

What We Do

We conducted a thorough analysis of Rojas Spanish Language’s existing online presence, identifying areas for improvement. Utilizing industry-leading SEO techniques, we optimized their website structure, optimizedcontent relevance and implemented strategic keywords to enhance their search engine visibility.


Our efforts have shown significant positive results:

  • Web traffic increased by 47% in the last 90 days since the implementation of our SEO strategies.
  • Organic sessions saw a remarkable 10% increase.
  • The average engagement time on the website improved by 10%, indicating higher interest and interaction from potential students.

We had such a great time getting to know Luis and learning about his business goals. In the process, we also revamped a large portion of his website, updated meta descriptions, H1s, main navigation and more to improve user experience and meeting Google and Bing’s standards for indexability. He saw great success with Facebook and Google Ads during this period, in addition to the increased engagement garnered through organic social as well.

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Our Client Says

“I can already tell it’s working; we are getting so many more students signing up for tutoring, and there is typically a slowdown this time of year... Of course, we want more! Thank you for all of the work you’ve done so far.”

– Luis Rojas,
Owner & Tutor, Rojas Spanish Language