As part of a Hands On Twin Cities pro bono marketing event, we paired up with Avivo to help its small communications team develop proactive media relations and communications.

Ingenuity and Avivo team on Zoom call.

Simpler Media Strategy

By focusing on just one major program category each quarter (e.g. addiction, mental health, employment, housing), Avivo’s team can go deeper into topics for their media engagement plan. Each of their media channels will feature the designated program category for the quarter, and they can simultaneously pitch topical ideas and events to relevant media. They can also write blogs related to that program category for the quarter — building an evergreen library.

We also recommended a social media calendar to help the team anticipate and schedule posts for known national awareness days, Avivo events and development opportunities. This approach will help them track their scheduled posts as well as pursue timely media relations.

After viewing their website and social analytics, we made recommendations for improving engagement and diversifying their content. Because they are a small team, we also talked about the advantages of reposting and repurposing popular content. Delving into Google analytics, we offered some tips and training for monitoring media results and building strong search results.

To support their future success, we encouraged the communications team to reach out to Avivo program leaders to request content and media pitching ideas. The communications team can then review, edit and publish appropriate content. This simple step will help them build an organizational culture of positive media relations.


Setting aside time to work on the media engagement plan was a major advantage of the Hands On Twin Cities marketing day. We consulted directly with the Avivo team and gave them time to discuss and develop new media contacts and topics. They are moving forward with a media engagement plan and the content calendar to support their visibility and reputation. “It is definitely helping us focus and make better decisions for our small but mighty team” Kim Sheagren, Director, Communications, said.

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Avivo Says

“I took lots and lots of notes and we have begun to implement many of the things you walked us through. The time you and your team gave to us was so incredibly valuable. We are very grateful for your expertise and how it was ‘right sized’ for our small team. Thank you, thank you!”

– Kim Sheagren, (she/her/hers)
Director, Communications, Avivo