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How to Communicate to Five Different Generations in Your Firm

Lego people taking sides

We are featured in the June/July 2023 edition of The Journal of the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) Marketer. Ingenuity principal Dawn Wagenaar shares her expertise on keeping lines of communication open between the five generations now in the workforce.

There is a handy chart, too, that you can print out and tack on your office wall, so you know which medium to use to communicate with partners and staff.

Generations chart

This is a great read for all generations, of course. The point is to communicate. Leaders should develop the communication strategy and invite feedback from multiple generations, then share that feedback with the team so everyone feels their voices are heard.

For those of you with the print version, you can find us in the Table of Contents (ToC for the Journalism majors out there!)

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