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Communicating to Five Different Generations in Your Market

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Source: SMPS

We were published again!

In part two of a series for the Society for Marketing Professional Services national journal, The Marketer, Principal Dawn Wagenaar reflects on how A/E/C firm marketing can appeal to multiple generations.

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Wagenaar is a brand strategist and outsourced marketing consultant who has served A/E/C firms for more than 10 years. She emphasizes that all marketing efforts should keep multi-generational communication preferences and styles in mind. These efforts, she says, warm up cold prospects and expand your reach.

In the article, she provides several tips and examples of generational preferences, including this chart of broad references per generation (granted, these ideas are inspirational and not meant to define an entire generation).

Wagenaar is respectful when addressing generational differences by first recommending that marketers and business developers seek common ground among the generations. For example, almost everyone wants things like respect, personalization, immediacy, relevance and fun when seeking business partnerships. Start there and build campaigns that are ‘phygital.’

What is phygital marketing?

Phygital refers to a seamless integration between digital and physical experiences for clients. The approach bridges gaps between communication channels to enhance understanding and decision points.

When creating your ideal client profiles or personas, add some generational aspects to keep those distinctions in mind. This will support impactful physical as well as digital marketing strategies (phygital!). Also, how can you include people from different generations in your marketing campaigns? Can you bring a younger professional on sales calls? The article provides several examples of multi-generational strategies like these.

We appreciate the opportunity to share our perspective with the members of SMPS through their fabulous publication. Keep the communication lines open and let us know if you have any questions about A/E/C marketing that appeals to multiple generations.

For those of you with the print version, you can find us in the Table of Contents in Volume 42, Issue 5 of SMPS The Marketer, Nov/Dec 2023. To learn more about SMPS, visit

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