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Video is Fire! How to Start Marketing to Engineers and Architects

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We recently met the new marketing specialist of a design build company who has made believers out of her team with the power of video. She took the bold step early in her tenure to go on-site, talk to the superintendents and got video footage of projects in progress as well as completed projects.

Through well-curated videos, she helps these professionals realize the value of video content, and they are loving the results and positive comments on the website and social media. They are really proud to show off their work.

Engineer showing off an invention and saying “upgrade”

Video marketing = status upgrade

Of course you know this already… but video is having a year. If you’re not sharing videos – on your website, on your social, in your emails – you’re not even in the new marketing game. If your team is skeptical about being on video, help them realize that this content can benefit them and their professional reputation.

Videos are easily consumable content. They instantly create a positive impression and allow your audience to meet your team. They want to know what your firm is doing. They want to get to know your team as people. Some of them work with you weekly, maybe even daily. Others are thinking about working with your team.

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Get to know the team

Here are some tips to get your professionals more involved in video marketing.

  1. Shoot 30-60-second mock videos of your project managers, superintendents, architects or engineers. Interview them about how they are adding quality or maximizing a space. Show genuine interest in their work. Get them comfortable with video.
  2. Promise them that they can review the video before it publishes.
  3. Make them look good and highlight their unique expertise in the video.
NASA time lapse robot

Oh man, those NASA clean rooms…

Videos will shine a light on your experts. It helps your firm build a pipeline. It increases your firm’s visibility compared to the competition. These are all reasons to entice your team to participate in video as well as in blog interviews or PR. Help them understand that marketing will benefit their careers while expanding their future project opportunities (plus, project videos and interviews are great for recruitment, too!).

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