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Take Control of Your Firm’s Website: Content and Site Updates

Take control of Your Firm's Website Content and Site Updates.
When we get asked to consult on a website or begin working with new clients, we often come across situations where they don’t have control of all their digital assets, websites are not updated regularly or outdated themes are still being used. These situations can affect website security and SEO, putting your firm or association at risk.

In this video, Robert Wasiluk, design consultant at Ingenuity Marketing Group, discusses the differences between a hosting service and web management service. He also shares some of the technical aspects of a website that firm leaders and marketers need to keep in mind. Afterall, it’s not just about the pretty colors and sleek design.

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If you prefer to read the video transcript, you may find it below:

How do you know when it’s time to do technical updates on your website? Maybe it’s something you don’t think about as a firm leader or marketer because your website host should handle that, right?

Well, we’ve seen situations where sites are not optimized regularly, leading to lower visibility on search engines, page errors, and outdated themes that make it difficult to add content.

A hosting service is different from a web management service. Your site host is the company that has agreed to let your website “live” on its server. A web management service will actually work with you to update your site and make recommendations for content optimization.

Can you do site optimization in-house right now? Is your in-house IT team well versed on how content should be optimized for marketing? Or are you stuck with an unresponsive vendor that you call every time you want to do a design update or add a photo? 

When we develop and optimize websites at Ingenuity, we don’t host the sites. But we do strategize on the best methods for your firm to keep your site updated and in good working order.

Actually, you work directly with me on those updates. 

The danger of not updating your site with regular maintenance and SEO is that search engines like Google will stop displaying your site as a search result. That’s bad. You could have great content, and no one is seeing it!

When is it time to make sure that your site is SEO optimized and easy to perform back-end updates? Don’t wait until there are technical difficulties.

Schedule regular updates on the back end of your site that actually support your marketing efforts, and call Ingenuity if you have questions about how tech and marketing should work together.