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Social got you stumped? Inspiration is here!

Woman showing her husband her phone, husband dancing with dog

Woman showing her husband her phone, husband dancing with dogKeeping your social profiles up to date is essential in today’s marketing world. But what do you post? When? How often?

We get these questions all the time from clients. And the answer is: it depends.

Test your audience, schedule posts for a certain time of day. Plan it for two weeks and see how it works. Record your findings. Did they engage more or less? What content are you posting? The first part of any good experiment is to test one variable at a time. So, start with time.

 Aside from that, what are you supposed to post? How do you come up with original content every month for social?

Well, here are our tried-and-true methods for kicking off monthly social media calendars:

puzzle piece with heart on it

Look for “awareness” weeks, or even daily holidays like “National Donut Day”

1. Holidays – Look up daily, weekly and monthly holidays. Chances are that your niche will resonate with one of them. Like, “May the 4th be with you,” for example. Our audience is smart, and keyed into pop culture. So, this type of reference works for us.

Web traffic chart

Look through your analytics for popular pages and blogs

2. Repurpose content – Look through your blog for hot topics to repromote on social. Stumped? Ask your web person for a list of your top 10 most visited blogs from the last three months.

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Who’s work anniversary is coming up?

3. Work anniversaries – Highlight an employee, mention their strengths and thank them for working with you. Tag them for extra engagement.

Man drafting a project on large paper

What’s happening in the industry right now?

4. Get content from experts – Ask administrators if there are any events planned, or office closures. If they have an ear to the ground, is there any news on laws that their followers should be aware of?

Now that you have a foothold… Let’s say you want to assess last month’s efforts. Is Your Campaign Working? We made a short video to show you how you can tell whether your social media campaign is working or not. 

Check it out.

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