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Prime Your Website for Effective Digital Marketing

Cover slide from video "Prime Your Website for Effective Digital Marketing".

Your website can attract new leads. In this video, our Lead Design Consultant shares three ways to make sure your website is set up to support effective digital marketing tools. Use your website to support business development by having an up-to-date customer relationship management (CRM) system, integrate an email campaign series and create engaging landing pages. Check out this video to learn how to keep your website up-to-date to support these digital marketing strategies.

Read the transcript: 

Is your website ready to support digital marketing?

The biggest issue I deal with lately is websites that have out-of-date structures. It’s difficult to add new landing pages or forms for marketing campaigns when the back-end tools are outdated.

There are solutions. Sometimes you just need simple maintenance, but other times you might need to develop a new website.

Let’s assume your website is in good shape. How else can you prime your website for effective digital marketing? Here are three tips. 

  1. Maintain your CRM.

If you have a customer relationship management system tied into your website, make sure that client information is up-to-date.

Also, conduct regular maintenance to keep the integrations functioning properly between your CRM and website.  

  1. Use the email automation tools.

Map out each message in your email campaign series so you can address any pitfalls that may come up.

Once you read through it, you could be missing some integral content. You want recipients to take action rather than drop off.

Also, ALWAYS test the campaign with a colleague to make sure everything works as it should, and that each email feels personal.

Don’t forget about subject lines and pre-header text. Subject lines should be less than 42 characters to show up in the email field and create interest.

The subject line is very important to persuade the recipient to open your emails, click to your website or take some other requested action.

  1. Set up a landing page for campaigns.

Less is more in this case. An effective landing page keeps the content simple so that your offer or downloadable resource is front and center.

To get more visitors to engage with you, only ask for the minimum information you need in a request form. Name, email and maybe their company.

Well written digital ads, emails and landing pages show that you understand the market you want to serve. Your resource should also relate.

Make sure it’s something that a lead in that market will find valuable. Valuable enough to share their email with you. 

One final tip. Don’t forget to schedule a follow-up email for anyone that downloads your resource or fills out a form. It’s so important to respond immediately to these leads.

Your website can attract new leads. Be ready with a well-maintained website and your digital marketing strategy.

I’m happy to help here at Ingenuity!

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