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Most Outsourced Creative Services for CPA Firm Marketing

The cover of the AAM 2024 Biennial Compensation Survey showing dominoes lined up.

Based on the national Association for Accounting Marketing Biennial Compensation Survey, we analyzed the creative roles most often outsourced for CPA firm marketing.

Communications Consultant Christine Nelson walks us through these top outsourced specialties, according to more than 100 senior accounting marketing and growth leaders across the U.S.

Watch the full video for more details.

If you are contemplating who to hire for a team of one or two, focus on strategy and then digital marketing specialization. If you need more capacity for your marketing and business development team for those critical initiatives, consider outsourcing by project!  It’s what the most experienced accounting marketing leaders are doing to manage budgets and accelerate their success.

Let us know if you have any questions about the right approach for your team.

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Full Video Script

I just completed analysis and reporting on a national compensation survey for accounting marketers and business developers. Do you know which creative roles are outsourced most for CPA firm marketing?

The most obvious outsourcing relationships are website management and search engine optimization. This area is a specialty for attracting cold leads and nurturing leads through keyword analysis, content and calls to action.

But not all website management companies are created equal. If they provide analytics, do you know what the data means for specific marketing activities? How does your SEO partner integrate and update keywords?

The next most common outsourcing arrangement is graphic design. Outsourcing to an agency or individual is a good investment, especially when that designer understands your brand and can manage deadlines well.

This next one is a little tricky. Some firms are outsourcing digital marketing while others are hiring an in-house digital specialist. It’s the number one recommendation I give to accounting and advisory firms with one in-house professional. If you’re going to add a second professional, focus on digital marketing.

Digital marketers can vary in their focus or level of experience in CPA firm marketing, so it’s important to train them well on industry context.

To learn about more common outsourcing roles and average fees, purchase the Association for Accounting Marketing Biennial Compensation Survey. See the link in the description below!

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