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As part of your CPA firm marketing strategy, help your new partners develop their personal brand. This will help you take charge of their reputation online and offline. Here are communications consultant Christine Nelson’s tips for identifying the key areas to focus on when planning a personal brand.

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If you have new partners in your CPA firm through promotions or M&A, congratulations! You are demonstrating upward mobility in your firm.

How can you reward and support these new partners? I say, help them get their name in lights through personal branding.

Personal branding goes beyond public relations. It includes their social media profile messaging, their bios and their approach to attracting new business.

For example, what do they want to be known for? What are their personal core values? What causes do they support inside or outside the firm? What is their industry niche?

By helping your new CPA partners build a personal branding plan as part of your CPA firm marketing, you are expanding firm visibility in a personal way…and giving your partners a platform to shine.

I work with many CPA firms on personal branding and PR planning. Let me know if you’re ready to launch your personal branding plan!

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