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Is Your Website Compliant? ADA and Voice Search

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Design Consultant Robert Wasiluk has developed websites on various platforms for years, and the technology is always changing to match user demands as well as speed and accuracy of search results. However, websites also need marketing updates to help users find what they need, determine that your services are a good match and take action. In this video, Robert talks about a couple reasons why you may need the support of an outsourced marketing consultant to “tune up” your website’s technology for marketing purposes.


If you prefer to read the video transcript, you may find it below:

Have you looked at your website lately? I don’t mean just the content and design, but the structure, too. A lot has changed with websites in just the past two years.

You might find that your website is not compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act or it’s not set up to prepare for stricter marketing opt-out regulations. The problem is that search engines are downgrading sites that don’t include things like image descriptions and clear relevance to the topics being searched.

The bottom line. Your website may need a tune-up.

I know that a lot of firms and associations have internal or outsourced technology teams, but those professionals may not have the skills or knowledge to optimize your site for marketing.

For example, voice search is becoming more important for your potential clients and members to find you — literally. How your site is set up for voice search questions is another reason to keep your website marketing ready.

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