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Portrait of Dawn Wagenaar for video titled Branding Your M&A Strategy

Here’s something you might not know… M&A marketing is part of your long-term brand positioning strategy. This is endgame. Make a lasting first impression on your prospects by winning them over on LinkedIn, and through strategically placed PR campaigns. THEN nurture them until they’re ready to merge or be acquired. Most business leaders still want to be a part of the business after they’ve been acquired, but they want you to run the show. Show them you’re the one they trust.

Here’s how (pssst… watch the full video!)

Full Video Script

Independent public accounting and advisory firms are growing organically and through targeted M&A. To attract desirable target firms, it takes more than a conversation with their partners.

These leaders are getting calls from brokers and many other quality CPA firms like yours. They are pitched often, and a lot of the messaging sounds the same.

So how do you stand out? I recommend an M&A branding strategy.

This is different from your firm’s branding. An M&A branding strategy should include unique messaging, public relations and content that lets targets know that you share their values and culture. You also want to be specific about what you are seeking from them. You also need to nurture them with ongoing communications.

An M&A branding strategy is a long-term strategy. It aligns with your target acquisition goals so that you can measure ROI.

Here are some questions to ask your team when creating your M&A branding strategy.

Number 1 – Who are your prospecting team leaders? These leaders should have carefully created LinkedIn profiles, bios and public relations to show who they are as people and what they stand for. Target prospects will research them after meeting them. You want them to imagine working well with these leaders, to have a warm impression of them.

Number 2 – How would you describe the kinds of targets you are seeking? Create some messaging around your goals so they can be used naturally in your prospecting conversations.

Number 3 – What’s the benefit to the prospect? You need to be clear about what you are offering that is better or different from what these prospects are hearing from brokers and other competing firms.

Number 4 – What information can you send about your firm? Branded materials, postcards, letters and emails specifically for M&A can give you a polished impression. But make sure to personalize the message so each prospect feels as special as they are to you.

And finally, how will you support the process? An M&A strategy only works when you follow it. If you are not following up with prospects, they will lose interest in you. You need to show them you are serious and honest about building a great relationship before you can talk about M&A. Be ready for the legwork.

If you have questions about branding for M&A, give me a call!

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