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Why Great Logos Start With This Research

Christine Nelson of Ingenuity Marketing on designing great logos.

When you are creating a brand, merging with another company, or rebranding, what do you need to consider when coming up with your logo? Start out by asking yourself what your company or your brand stand for. How can you convey those feelings and emotions into a logo? Who is your competition and what do their logos look like?

Set yourself apart from the competitors by creating a logo that tells your brand story, excites customers and is recognizable in all formats (digital, print and on logo wear).  

Check out Christine’s video to learn more about creating a logo that reflects your brand and tells your story.

After this food for thought, do you think your brand needs a refresh? Learn more about creative rebranding tips here.

If you prefer to read this content, the video transcript is below.

When you need to refresh or create a new logo, it may be a standalone logo OR it needs to be part of a logo family.

Your logo needs to be fresh for today, but also resonate in the future.

A logo should make sense to the audience and tell them a story about your business.

Great logos do these things. They are fresh, emotional and they tell a story.

To achieve a great logo, I’m going to share the research we use here at Ingenuity. You can do this too!

Explore your competition. How can you make your logo stand out from their logos?

Also, check your state for any restrictions on logos. In some states professional services company names, and therefore their logos, have stricter design limitations.

A big piece of logo research is your brand story. Without a clear brand story, it is harder to design a great logo. Include your core values, differentiators, founding story and business purpose in this research.

Another tip. Make sure that your new logo will look just as crisp and vibrant in digital formats as it will in print, on your logo wear and on signage. Logo color choices, font size and style are important areas of research and decision-making. Color choices and clarity should also observe ADA guidelines so that when your logo goes on a website, it’s visible and clear.

These are just a few areas of branding research to help you design a great new logo. When you do your homework on your logo, it makes marketing much easier, too.

Reach out if you have any questions about brand positioning and logo design. It’s what we do!