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What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

What is a Digital Marketing Agency video title slide.

When you partner with a digital marketing agency, you want to receive not just the work as promised, but recommendations on how to optimize your digital marketing to impact your lead generation. Your firm needs strong digital marketing consulting. In this video, hear from Dawn Wagenaar, Principal at Ingenuity Marketing Group, as she shares some important considerations about what professional services firms need when working with a digital marketing agency.

Check out these ideas as a way to personalize your firm’s values and experiences with clients and prospects.

If you prefer to read the video transcript, you may find it below:

Several years ago, Ingenuity worked through a strategic process to define the future of our agency. As you may have guessed, it included digital marketing.

Today, we help many of our clients develop campaigns that include social media, eblasts, SEO strategy, digital ad campaigns and other automated communications.

But professional services continue to be about relationships. When you are looking for assistance with fresh communications to support new business development, how do you evaluate a great digital marketing agency?

First of all, the agency should understand how buyers select professional services. It’s not product marketing. Your deliverables are different. Your digital campaigns must speak to why they need your service. What pain are you solving?

Next, the campaign must connect to your sales process. Who will follow up on campaign results and evaluate how to improve it? It goes beyond printing monthly data reports. You want your agency to translate visitor and buyer behavior for marketing as well as sales.

As a business owner myself, I’m not sold on complete automation of marketing and sales for professional services. But I do believe that your content should include strong keywords and search engine optimization – for every blog post, service page and video!

That way, your content is working for you to attract leads.

A great digital marketing agency must combine a strong business consulting strategy for professionals with a technical understanding of how people find and choose your content.

Anything less? Keep shopping.