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Three Ways to Optimize Careers Pages

Three Ways to Optimize Your Careers Pages video header.

Website careers pages aren’t just for listing your job openings. They provide an opportunity for marketing the unique aspects of your professional services firm.

Communications Consultant Brooke Visser shares three ways to differentiate your firm on your website’s careers pages.

Check out this video or the blog post below to optimize website careers pages for maximum engagement and recruiting power.

If you prefer to read this content, the video transcript is below.

When people are looking for a job, the first thing they might see is your job posting. If they are interested, the second thing they will do is look at your website.

They want to know more about your firm, about your people and what it’s like to work there. Your culture. Your location.

You’re probably not the only firm they are researching. So here are three ways to stand out with the content on your Careers pages.

Number one. Don’t make them search for it. I recommend including a Careers tab in your website’s main navigation, not buried in the footer.

You can have subpages under the main Careers tab, such as benefits, current job openings and even some information about what life is like in your office locations. Make clicking easy.

Number 2. Write about your firm’s culture and why it’s different. Help visitors imagine working for you before they even send a resume.

Include photos of employees. Create videos of people talking about your firm. Or link your careers pages to positive reviews and testimonials.

Share workplace awards you have won. This helps candidates see that your workplace culture is validated by your employees.

Number 3. Build a marketing strategy that ties into your Careers pages. For example, write blog posts that support career development.

Showcase your top people on social media and use careers keywords that attract new candidates to your site. Analyze traffic to those pages to boost engagement.

Another tip: Make sure that the job sites you use are fully developed with your unique messaging and links.

Each job site is unique, but it should be updated with the right careers pages links, descriptions about your firm culture and any changes to your workplace policies or hiring approaches.

Leverage those careers sites to your advantage because they provide authoritative backlinks to your website, which help to boost your ranking on search engines.

If you have any questions about that and other digital optimizing, I’m ready to help at Ingenuity!

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