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Strategic Content: Are you Paying Attention to Email Analytics?

Robert Wasiluk, Design consultant at Ingenuity Marketing Group

Attention, digital marketers!

Do you know what makes your email campaigns effective? Is it the strategic content you’re using throughout your campaign and landing pages? Is it the time of day the email was sent? Is it the subject line?

Let’s dig into why your email analytics matter and why you need to be checking them regularly. Design Consultant Robert Wasiluk has the scoop.

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Full Video Script:

As part of my branding and website development work at Ingenuity, I design email templates that link to website landing pages.

However, I want to know if these templates once they are turned into campaigns are working for clients, so I review open rates and conversions. I’m also troubleshooting things like emails ending up as spam.

Some email tools have added AI into their features to help digital marketers create better subject lines and pre-header text.

My main point is that creating a great email campaign takes more than a branded template and great messaging. You need those, too, but you also need to pay attention to the analytics.

Why did some people open an email and others didn’t? Was it the time of day? Was it the subject line? Did it go to their junk mail?

For effective strategic content and analysis, you need to understand the user experience and the analytics. It’s like a fun game when you get it right! Ask us at Ingenuity how to improve your email open rates.

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