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Senior Living Marketing Welcome Kits

Senior Living Marketing Welcome Kits - Dawn Wagenaar

First impressions are everything. Is your senior living marketing welcome kit up to the task? Build loyalty into your strategic user experience plan right out of the gate with a brilliant, welcoming and warm “welcome kit.”

Here are three things to consider when putting together your welcome kit:

  1. Personalized letter

Woman reading a letter at a kitchen table with coffee

It’s always helpful to include a “how to use this kit”-type of message. This also reinforces the fact they can refer back to kit and ensuing handbook.

And if you’re hearing the same questions from your residents, you could save everyone some time and include those in your welcome kit.

  1. Handbook

You want your handbook to be attractive as your residents may reference it over and over again. Be sure the document is branded with your colors and images that represent your community. This makes it a more interesting document to peruse.

If there are emergency procedures, or even information about ammenities referenced in the handbook, your residents will find value in it and likely keep it.

  1. Paper or electronic

Woman scrolling on her phone

Many members are handy with a tablet or smartphone; it’s like an assistant that helps them navigate the world around them. This is one reason to offer your welcome kit in electronic form. They can also easily share it with loved ones who can use it as a quick reference guide to the community.

Other members still love the tactile feel of a paper handout, so don’t exclude them either.

We hope this helps outline a few key items you should include in your senior living marketing welcome kit.

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Full Video Script

Dawn: Welcome kits for new residents are different in each community. But the goal is the same: to help everyone feel good about choosing your community.

If I were to create the ultimate welcome kit, I would start with a letter from your community director or management company leader.

Share briefly what residents will find in your welcome kit, express your appreciation for them and provide key contacts for any questions.

The next welcome kit item is your handbook. Make sure that policies are up-to-date and that the handbook is attractive.

Design the handbook with your community colors and images. Why? Because you want residents and family members to read it! 

A pretty handbook looks more valuable than other paperwork they have to fill out, and they will be more likely to keep it handy.

A third item to include in your welcome kit is a sheet that asks questions about the resident.

Give them an opportunity to share their personal interests and important life milestones. Tell them how you will use it. 

There are many other items you can include in your welcome kit, but these are the fundamentals.

My final tip for the welcome kit is to offer it in paper or in electronic form. Some residents probably still prefer paper while others are getting used to electronic files.

You will show your modern touch by giving residents and family members this option.

Do you want more ideas for your ultimate welcome kit? Get in touch with us at Ingenuity for a no-obligation welcome kit consultation.