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Senior Living Marketing to ‘Youthful’ Seniors

Senior living community leaders, your audience is getting younger and younger. What do we mean by that? Residents are now doing yoga, they’re dyeing their hair and hitting the road.

Your brand should reflect their passions.

So, let’s move away from the same imagery and showcase the best your brand – and your community – has to offer. How?

Tips for Senior Living Marketing Brand Imagery and Copy

Share their passions

Add activity to your branding imagery – your residents are going hiking and kayaking so use more outdoorsy photos in your branding to reflect their passions.

Have fun with your key messages

Change up your messaging to include “active seniors” or “youthful adults.”

Show how much fun it is to live at your community

Seniors are dyeing their hair red, blue, green – any color you can think of – so move away from the same tired imagery of blue-haired ladies knitting.

Show future residents how fun it is to live at your community. They want to garden and go to parties. Let your brand reflect that sense of excitement and they will be drawn you like sunshine through an open window.

We have tons of ideas that can help you get the word out about your amazing senior living community. Have a question? Let us know!


Full Video Script

Did you know that your residents are getting younger? What I mean is that people are living longer and your future residents will be much more active into their 80s and 90s… and 100s… than ever before.

But often what we see in senior marketing are images of people that don’t reflect this younger demographic.

When rebranding your community, think about the residents you want to attract in the future. More youthful imagery will attract people who aspire to a youthful lifestyle.

For example, not everyone lets their hair go gray. They are taking cues from younger people and experimenting with all kinds of color.

Not everyone leads a sedentary lifestyle in retirement. Some are avid runners, hikers and kayakers. Some need storage for their mini campers. Some want to garden, cook and host parties.

Some are yogis and authors and consultants!

How can you market to the active senior while showcasing the ease of transitioning their lifestyle as they age into their 100s? Be futuristic!

Instead of calling them active seniors, try some other phrases on for size with your branding. What about youthful adults? What about lifestyle seniors?

Promote your communities as THE PLACE to let people pursue their passions and spend more time with loved ones. Your brand is about supporting healthy living… and who doesn’t want that? 

If you are developing a new property or you plan on rebranding, contact us at Ingenuity to help!