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Secrets to Impactful Ads – The Future of Print Advertising

Robert Wasiluk, of Ingenuity Marketing cover for his vlog on secrets to impactful ads- the future of print advertising

While many companies are now focusing solely on digital ads, they are missing a big opportunity for professional services marketing and accounting advertising.

It’s print ads!

By establishing your brand through unique messaging, original imagery and proper placement of your logo, you can create lasting and memorable advertisements that get noticed.

Set yourself apart from your competitors by perfecting the print ad campaign along with your digital ad strategy. Watch Robert’s video to learn more about professional services ad campaigns and accounting advertising.

Yoga for an accounting advertising ad? This ad campaign shared the message that advisors were flexible for the unexpected, and it served the firm well during the pandemic when everyone needed to breathe and work together.


If you prefer to read this content, the video transcript is below.

When you’re working on your next ad campaign, you may be looking for some inspiration to keep your ads fresh.

Here are some tips to make your next print ad campaign a success:

  1. Keep it simple

Did you see Coca-Cola’s ad when they wanted to win over the new non-alcoholic sub-market? They didn’t need to say all of that in their ad; they didn’t use any words at all.

The familiarity we have with their typeface, along with the lemon peel says it all. This is Coca-Cola with lemon. Enough said.

  1. Always use eye-catching imagery

Use high-res images. Try to use original imagery when you can, so your audience ties your image to your brand. Play on the unexpected. Surprise your audience.

  1. Be Collaborative

At Ingenuity we work very collaboratively on ad campaigns. We can create a concept that’s clever and addresses your pain points to help you reach your next best clients!

Contact Ingenuity for more ad concepting ideas, tips and tricks.


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