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Are you feeling like a rockstar content creator? ?

At Ingenuity, we’re always innovating, and we wanted to share some exciting insights on what you should consider when diving into your new GA4 data.

It’s time to blast the speakers and help your content shine!

  • Engage Like a Rock Concert: When exploring GA4 data, the engagement metric should be your headliner. It’s all about keeping your audience pumped and grooving to your content. Take a deeper dive into metrics like session duration, conversions, engagement rates and scroll depth. Unleash the power of GA4 to understand which content is rocking your visitors’ world and optimize the ones that need a little more crowd surfing action. Remember, engaged users gets a standing ovation (and more visibility) on Google!
  • Behavior: The Converters vs. The Non-Converters Battle Royale: Picture this: your website is the stage, and your users are the mosh pit. In GA4, it’s time to separate the headbanging rockstars (converters) from the wallflowers (non-converters). Dive into the behavior of these two groups and witness the epic clash between those who rock the form submit button and those who linger in the waiting line. Identify the key differences in their journey, content preferences and interactions to curate experiences that convert even the most skeptical groupies!
  • Unleash Your Inner Sass (And Data Too!): You know what they say, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!” So, here’s the secret sauce to turn heads and make your rivals green with envy. When analyzing your GA4 data, inject some sass into your insights! Embrace the spirit of experimentation, challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of creativity. Use GA4’s advanced features like user properties, events and custom dimensions to gather data that makes others go “Wow!” With these features, you’re not just a content curator/creator/manager, but a content rockstar.
    1. We love customizing events so you can get a snapshot of your data in a glance, without sifting through a ton of numbers. For example: you can rename multiple events as one event so you see all email clicks in one metric instead of adding up and email clicks separately.

Remember:  GA4 data is your backstage pass to uncovering the secrets of audience engagement, behavior and creating content that makes people scream for an encore.

Rock on and make every byte of data count!

How do you make your content sing? Watch Shannon’s video about the importance of incorporating keywords into your strategy:

If you need any help rocking out with GA4 or have any burning questions, email us we’ll be your loyal roadies, ready to assist.