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Pete Machalek’s team at SagePresence does an amazing job preparing clients for stakeholder and prospect meetings. This month, we’re highlighting their vlog on the topic of being your authentic self. This includes letting your personality shine through in presentations. Don’t get hung up on the actual words you are trying to use, just remember the structure of your message when speaking off the cuff. You can also apply this to your process for creating a brand and the content marketing that ensues from that.

If you think you have to be perfect, you might be doing yourself a real disservice in your interviews and presentations because your audience isn’t necessarily looking for perfection – they’re looking for who you really are. In this vlog, Dean Lincoln Hyers, partner of SagePresence, shares tips on how to be authentic in your presentations and how that authenticity can help you win your audience over.

Dean Sage of SagePresence in a video about how perfection is a prison.

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