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Lead Generation Tools & Referral Pain Points

Referrals can be the lifeblood of your marketing funnel. You can try all of the new lead generation tools, year after year, and find none of them quite performs like the one or two referrals you receive on occasion.

But, how do you get more referrals for your firm? Here is one piece of advice: Tailor your messaging to speak to the person who’s reading, watching or listening to it.

Without personalization, your content can get lost in a sea of a thousand voices vying for your clients’ attention. To leave an impact, you need to get personal. This will help make your brand even more memorable.

Then, you can add a steady stream of referrals to your list of lead generation tools that actually work for you.

If you prefer to read this content, the video transcript is below.

First of all, you need to get really clear on whom you want to attract as new clients.

If you understand their pains, interests and desires, you can develop a lead strategy that is personalized.

Personalization is the most important piece of attracting digital clients. Nobody has time anymore to pay attention to generic content, ads or events that don’t relate to their needs.

Once you have identified your target prospect, take that information to create content that addresses their pains, interests and desires. It’s not enough to make content industry-focused. Make it people-focused.

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