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How to Fix Your Proposals and Win More Business

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Here’s how to stand out

Tag! You’re it!

Or not.

Are you losing more proposals than you win? What gives?

Listening to the advice and struggles of partners and other marketers has shown us a thing or two – and of course, there’s always room for improvement, but! Here’s how you can rise to the top with your A/E/C proposals.

Here are our personal favorite must-haves for our proposals: (Feel free to steal them!)

  • Add a section highlighting your firm’s expertise and experience specific to the project needs. Be specific about your understanding of technical details that are critical to project success.
  • Personalize the email that goes to the contact person by showing that you listened to their goals, and that you would love to work on the project.
  • Customize bios to showcase why your team is knowledgeable about delivering the best solution.
  • Add color to the proposal through line breaks, tints behind bios and breakout quotes.
  • Use modern elements like links to bookmarks in your document so readers can jump around freely as well as links to more information on your website.
  • Keep it simple – Make it scannable for readers, but also offer pricing charts and details that help them easily view your services and fees.
  • Include everything they’re asking for in the RFP and call it out using visually interesting subheads or special section breaks to cover all questions.
  • Have a section explaining why your firm is the ideal choice based on your differentiators and capabilities.

Your AEC firm has a brand style guide, and you have a voice and a pulse. Is that branding consistent across all your channels? That includes your proposals.

Even if you have to follow the RFP format, you can still create a unique proposal. You can do this by creating a proactive proposal strategy before the RFPs come in. It always helps to be prepared with an updated template so your team can stay on the same page.

Good luck with your next proposal!

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