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Robert Wasulik, Design Consultant at Ingenuity Marketing

Whether you’re stepping into a new marketing director role or you’re a seasoned business owner, your digital marketing strategy should include regular website security updates.

Your website is your lead generation tool, your CRM portal and brand billboard. When you focus solely on content and appearance, you leave yourself open to spam and cyber-attacks, which could bring down your site in an instant.

That’s why website security should be on your priority list. Update your plugins regularly and protect your website from hacks.

Watch this video for Robert’s tips to keep your website healthy and keep your digital marketing strategy on track.


If you prefer to read this content, the video transcript is below.

 I have built out a few websites in the past year, and one of the big things I stress with clients is to maintain their plug-in, theme and security updates on their websites.

Some clients assume that their web host keeps their website up-to-date. That is not a guarantee. If your website host does not specifically state that this is part of the service, it’s up to you as the website owner to do it regularly.

Without regular updates, your site is vulnerable to spam and content hacks. That means your website could be blocked as a security risk by search engines, and it may even crash.

Don’t let that happen. In addition to maintaining your site plug-ins, security certificates and website theme, you want to monitor your search analytics and email capture forms for suspicious activity. Make sure that online marketing can occur 24/7 without the risk of turning away qualified leads.

If you need help reviewing your site for security as well as search optimization, contact us for an SEO analysis. We have a special rate to offer you if you apply now, just fill out the contact box below!