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Digital Marketers: Lessons From GA4… So Far

Shannon Bohnen, Digital Marketers: Lessons From GA4

Digital marketers, whether you’re new or a seasoned professional you must know how to set up Google Analytics 4. We are looking at EVENTS now, and working to enhance the user experience, so stop trying to please the algorithm and start getting real.

Here is what you need to know…


Full Video Script

If you’re wondering how to set up Google Analytics 4, you’re not alone. Digital marketers have to customize their GA4 tools to the goals and needs of the business.

It starts with understanding the technology stack and then building a digital marketing hierarchy. For example, I use SEO PowerSuite for its all-in-one features.

I also like free tools like GA4, Tag Manager, the Keyword Planner in Google Ads and Looker Studio.

In GA4, the dashboard is a bit different, and your analytics are pointing to Events and the user experience. If your content isn’t relevant to the user, then you won’t get as many conversions.

That’s why keywords are so important. Have you done keyword research lately? I live and die by that research! I’m always analyzing if the keywords are working for my clients.

All of this is much more complex than a short video can cover.

So digital marketers, here is my main lesson learned from GA4… so far. You HAVE to monitor it and use the analytics to improve your digital marketing. Otherwise, you’re leaving it to chance…and that gets expensive!

I would love to consult with you on your GA4 setup and metrics. Email me here at Ingenuity to see what’s possible!

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