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Bio photo of Dawn Wagenaar, principal of Ingenuity Marketing Group

Brand Strategist Dawn Wagenaar published an op-ed Voices column in Accounting Today magazine about her SWOT analysis of artificial intelligence tools for accounting marketing professionals.

She provides insights about AI for branding, business development, marketing and general creativity with future accounting marketing in mind.

Here are a few excerpts from the article –

Strength: AI’s visual design and writing capabilities can help creatives augment or test their messaging and visual concepts. AI will mix and match artistic elements without reservation. These results can help creatives push past mental blocks and take new approaches.

Weakness: AI does not have filters or morals. Because accounting marketing is a narrow space in marketing overall and is regulated by ethical and professional standards, it will take time and inputs from our own profession for AI to “get” the nuances of ethical marketing and visual representation. Accounting marketers should be wary of prompts that risk intellectual property, proprietary brands, messaging or visual elements.

Opportunities: For leaders, AI restarts the conversation about authenticity. What does it mean to be an authentic leader who demonstrates core values and represents a vision or ideal that people want to support? Leaders can use AI along with human consultants to help them develop their personal brand, but they also need to show up in person to deliver the messages and take the actions that result in thriving accounting and advisory firms.

Threats: The biggest threat of AI is ignoring it. Everyone is buzzing about it right now as the new shiny technology, but it requires a long-term strategy to integrate it into marketing, business development, communications and client service, among other areas. And it needs human oversight.

As we already know, future brand and marketing success depends on IT. (See what we did there?)

What is your digital marketing strategy and how does AI fit with that strategy? The bottom line is that AI is here to stay and provides value for brainstorming, pushing creative boundaries and efficiency. Start talking about how it will enhance your brand positioning and business goals. Let us know if you would like a consultation.

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