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A/E/C Marketing to Multiple Generations

Dawn Wagenaar, principal of Ingenuity Marketing Group

Your A/E/C marketing NEEDS THIS.

  1. Speak to the generations. They each have their own unique desires and expectations.
  2. Do Persona Research. Your findings will help you develop your key messaging.

Watch my video to see why you need to incorporate intergenerational branding into your A/E/C marketingstrategy.

Questions? Ask Dawn!

Full Video Script

I have worked with clients on branding for many years, and right now it’s more important than ever.

In your A/E/C and professional markets, you have up to FIVE generations who could be your clients and partners. Each generation brings a unique perspective.

Here are some tips for multi-generational A/E/C marketing.

You absolutely HAVE to do persona research to understand the needs and wants of your clients. They may be younger or older or be a mix of generations, and that’s an important metric.

Next, create messaging that appeals to these generational concerns and experiences.

Think about how different generations respond to your digital and in-person marketing. Do you still need print advertising? Do you need a new social platform?

By adding multi-generational thought into your A/E/C marketing, you will expand your reach and your business success.

Talk to me and my team at Ingenuity for more tips on branding and marketing for engineering firms, architects and contractors.