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Candidates are looking for you. To attract talent, your presence must be stellar online as well as in person through SEO visibility. Here are the steps to help quality talent find your architectural, engineering or construction (A/E/C) firm.Get our free recruitment checklist to put these ideas into action.

Impress candidates in person and online

Be visible by sending younger professionals to association events and college fairs. Then increase SEO visibility by sharing photos on Facebook and LinkedIn when staff attend events. This will position your A/E/C firm as a place to learn, grow and stay active in the industry.

Plus, social media channels help you stay in touch with prospective hires while they finish school or gain experience elsewhere. By staying current in social and top recruitment sites, your firm will stay in front of prospects and be top of mind when they explore new opportunities.

Modernize your physical space and technology

In the age of flex and remote work, the physical environment of your A/E/C firm may not seem like a factor in the recruitment process, but it is crucial. Recent hires we spoke with ranked “a comfortable and modern office” as high as compensation and benefits! Create a great first impression with images of your office on your website’s careers pages and as the background for staff testimonial videos. People want a visual of your professional environment. Does it look modern or dated?

“The physical environment is very important to me. I need the space to be comfortable in order to do my best for our clients,” one recent hire said.

Recent graduates and experienced professionals also have a high expectation for updated technology and software in the workplace.

“I expect firms to stay current, even if they’re not cutting edge,” said another recent hire. That includes easy ways for candidates to submit resumes electronically and hear back from firms in a timely manner. Add automated responses when candidates apply to improve communication and confirm receipt of their information.

Make your internship the real deal

Do your interns make coffee runs, or are they purposefully staffed on client service teams? Give them a realistic expectation of what they will be doing at your firm.  Plus, if they are being underused, they’ll tell their peers, which reduces your chances to attract more candidates. Keep an eye on those review sites!

Set expectations through the content on your website careers pages (sharing lifestyle information as well as benefits), and other recruitment materials. This will help candidates make a decision faster about the lifestyle considerations of potential firms — and keep your A/E/C firm on their “must-visit” list.

Let them talk to the team

One Houston-based firm we spoke with invites candidates to a company happy hour and peer lunch so they can meet most of the team.

“I liked the informal interview style and the opportunity to interview my peers about the culture of the firm,” a recent hire said.

Your interview questions should also reflect the firm’s core values and vision as well as the roles and responsibilities and flexible nature of the job. Right-fit candidates must reflect the strengths and values of the firm because today’s candidates consider the workplace completely integrated with their lives.

Worried about missing great candidates? Request our free SEO and marketing checklist with many more tips for maximizing your architectural, engineering or construction firm’s recruitment approach and SEO visibility: