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4 Must-Have AEC Social Analytics

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You may be tasked with producing a quarterly report on your AEC social media metrics, but where do you begin? What do stakeholders want to see and how do you track growth in numbers?

How do you pinpoint areas of improvement?

Watch this video featuring Ingenuity Marketing Group’s digital communications consultant Shannon Bohnen to find out how to start winning at social media.

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You may be fantastic with content creation, regular posting and channel monitoring, but understanding how your channels are performing can be kind of tricky.

To simplify it a bit, here are four must-have social analytics your AEC marketing should pay attention to right now.

1. Reach

Reach measures how many people broadly see your content, but you can break it down by followers and non-followers as well as reach by post or video.

If a lot of non-followers are seeing your content, that means it’s getting shared! That’s a good thing. Find out what is being shared and create similar content.

2. Impressions

Impressions are about how many times people are seeing your content. If impressions are higher than reach, it could mean that some of the same people are viewing your content multiple times.

This could represent warm to hot leads that you should direct to your website to take action. 

3. Audience Growth Rate

It’s always great to see your audience grow, but it’s harder once you already have a large following.

You want to see an audience growth rate that is higher than your competitors’ growth rate. And you want to maintain your growth rate year over year. 

And number 4. Engagement Rate

You want to pay attention to your engagement rate by number of likes, shares and comments, but it goes beyond that.

Average engagement on any channel is 1-5%, so an engagement rate higher than 5% means you’re rocking it.

If your engagement rate is going down, dig into why. Is there a pattern to the drop-off?

Did other posts work better in the past?

Overall, it’s important to do more than report the numbers. Assess why things are improving or declining and build a social strategy that gets you noticed in all the right ways.

I’m here to help if you have more questions.

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