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Niche Marketing Strategy Must Go Deeper Than Before

How to Grow Your Niche Market As your firm becomes known for a niche industry or service, you rise above the competition and are hired for that knowledge and your connections. The niche becomes part of your brand. Niches can also attract and retain talented young professionals for the partner… Read more

Testimonials build brand confidence

How to Make Testimonials Part of Your Marketing Strategy Most professional service marketers have heard the old adage, “People buy with emotion and justify their decisions with logic.”  And yet, many professionals who sell an intangible service don’t know which emotions they are provoking and why anyone buys from them.… Read more

Gain Recognition for your Niche

10 Ideas to Maximize Your Niche Marketing Strategy You’ve identified your niche market, now how do you gain more exposure to that audience? Perhaps you have a few thoughts on a marketing strategy, but aren’t quite sure how to implement the plan. Here are 10 ways to become a recognized… Read more