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Podcast Marketing

Podcasting Guide

If ‘everyone’ is doing a podcast, shouldn’t you do it, too? Well, it depends on your marketing strategy. It also requires a solid lineup of subject matter experts who feel comfortable leading recorded conversations.

Are you doing audio only or do you want to publish the video portion for expanded reach? Which platform will your podcast live on? Where will you distribute it?

To answer these questions, download our at-a-glance Podcasting Guide. Experience with podcast production for our agency and for clients has taught us a thing or two…or exactly 20 things you will find in this guide.

Download the Podcast Guide and prepare for a new media adventure to expand your content marketing reach and repurposing.

Why do you want to start a podcast?

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Two women doing a podcast together

Ingenuity launched our podcast within a short timeline and guided us on communications and marketing strategy.

- CPA firm Shareholder

They help our subject matter experts prepare and feel comfortable with podcast production.

- Director of Marketing & Communications