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Digital Ads: What Am I Doing Wrong?


Albert Einstein said it perfectly, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” If your current digital marketing isn’t producing desired results, then shake up your marketing plan and try something different.

Robert Wasiluk, Ingenuity Marketing Group’s lead design consultant, is an expert at implementing engaging digital marketing strategies. In this short video he talks through the essential components that help get digital ads (as part of your marketing plan) back on track.

A major component of a successful digital ad campaign is capturing the lead’s contact information. While this seems obvious, you may be surprised at how many digital marketing ad campaigns aren’t properly linked to a landing page that collects emails!

If you think your digital marketing plan needs a refresh or a complete overhaul, contact us. We can evaluate your current marketing plan and ad campaigns for recommended improvements.

For additional best practices to create engaging, persuasive and reputable online ads, read our blog about maximizing your online presence through Google Ads.

If you prefer to read this content, the video transcript is below.

Has your digital ad campaign hit a roadblock?

Let me help you get “un-stuck.”

Let’s clean the slate. Draft a new concept.

It’s important to use an engaging headline. And what do I mean by “engaging?” Surprise them. Make it memorable. Make them feel something. Bonus points if you can include your call to action and target keywords in your headline.

Make sure you are using your company name, logo, brand imagery and colors in your digital ads.

Your ads should also be linked properly to a web landing page that captures emails. 

And finally, make sure your ad analytics are working properly to measure results and avoid going over budget.

As always, I’m here to help with your ad campaigns or digital marketing. Contact us at Ingenuity!

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Simple, Yet Effective Ways to Attract Great Candidates

The job market has shifted, making it harder to recruit new talent, and almost impossible to recruit great talent. What can your company do to ensure you’re only attracting the best candidates? Candidates today are looking for much more than just a paycheck; they want work/life balance in a location that supports their lifestyle and budget. Through effective brand positioning, your company can highlight its culture, and a potential employee can envision their career AND life when working with you.  

Whether a candidate is relocating or looking to work at a different company, they will likely do research. A simple way to help with this is through your company’s website. Add interesting facts about the company, including information about the city where the company is located and things to do in town. Add current employee testimonials to your website; this adds authenticity and provides insight into your company’s inner workings.

Glassdoor and Google Business can be crucial when it comes to employee recruitment. Most candidates will check out a company’s reviews before they apply, so it is imperative that you monitor how your company is doing! Ask current employees to leave reviews as well to boost your company’s ratings.

This video, with Christine Nelson, is chock full of tips and tricks to help with your brand positioning for candidates. If you need help tailoring your inbound marketing to attract great applicants, don’t hesitate to contact us at https://ingenuitymarketing.com/contact.

When you’re looking to increase brand perception externally, it’s important to start from within. In our article, The 7 Habits of Effective Employer Brands, we provide strategies to create a more inclusive and cooperative company culture.

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If you prefer to read this content, the video transcript is below:

Recruitment is a major concern across many industries.

So, how can you make your firm stand out and attract great candidates?

I will tell you four ways.

First, have a section on your website devoted to what it is like to live AND work in your city.

You may have one office or several, but candidates want accessible information about the culture, cost of living and lifestyle as a future employee. You can find this information elsewhere, but it’s nice to have it on your website. Despite remote work trends, candidates are still willing to move to the location of their jobs IF they can afford it and IF the schedule is flexible.

Provide easy links to city information and include employee testimonials about why they love their lifestyle at a particular location.

If you are open to remote hiring, however, by all means include that in your job descriptions. It’s a small thing, but candidates notice it immediately.

My second tip is to promote your firm culture beyond images of employees socializing. Candidates are actively exploring and asking questions about whether or not the firm’s values align with theirs. They also want clear career advancement and development tracks.

Offer specific examples about how your firm is inclusive and socially responsible. Show them, ideally through images and video, how they can improve their career AND life by working with you.

Candidates compare compensation and benefits and work-life balance, but they also want to know if your firm is keeping up with the newest technology. So, my third tip is about investing in resources and tools that help employees do their jobs well.

This may include better workflow tools and upgraded software, but it also could include a larger monitor for their home office or an upgraded business cell phone.

Whether you are in a hybrid or remote work environment, make sure that your tech support information is shared with candidates.

And my final tip is about monitoring your digital reputation. Job sites such as Glassdoor allow current and past employees to leave reviews about what it’s like to work at your firm. Good candidates may or may not apply to your firm if you have too many negative reviews.

It’s ok to ask current employees to leave a review on Glassdoor or Google Business. Ask if they are willing to share their honest experience on these sites. If you are concerned about employee reviews, then it’s a signal that you may have other issues to address.

If you need talent, you HAVE to constantly monitor and improve your digital visibility, your communication and online reputation. Talk to us at Ingenuity about better strategies for recruitment!

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3 ways your senior living marketing can help retain staff

Recognizing the talents of your healthcare team can go a long way in retaining your best employees and recruiting new staff. In addition, happy employees are the key to great client service. In this video, hear from Dawn Wagenaar, Principal at Ingenuity Marketing Group, as she shares how your senior living marketing and brand positioning can help your community retain key employees.


If you prefer to read the video transcript, find it below:

As a business owner, I know how important it is to recognize and promote the talents of my team. But with project management deadlines and business development, it can be easy to forget this important piece of talent retention — and recruitment.

Happy employees are the key to client service and recruitment. Here are a few ways to recognize them. These ideas will help you attract more great employees.

How about going social? Create some “meet the team” posts on your social media channels. Share a photo of an employee and talk about why this person is great. Choose employees by lottery or start by featuring your leaders.

A second idea is to include younger team members as authors or presenters. Use a ghostwriter or outsourced vendor to help them write a blog post or develop a video. They might need some initial coaching or art direction, but it’s a great way to showcase your team’s diversity and personalities.

Here’s one more idea. Nominate them for awards. Some of your team members are doing amazing things inside and outside the office. Look for ways to nominate them for industry awards, community or business awards in your region. If you need help investigating your options, you can outsource this public relations task.

A great reputation attracts more talent! Recognize your employees, and word will get around!