Slattery Sales Group Defines Value Proposition With Business Book

Cinnamon Story book cover artworkAfter becoming raving fans of Terry Slattery and his Slattery Sales Group Boot Camps for complex sales techniques, Ingenuity took Slattery Sales Group on as a client to help President and CEO Terry Slattery take more than 35 years of knowledge and develop a business book. Using a business ghostwriter was appealing to him due to his busy schedule of coaching sales teams across the country.


Ingenuity’s business ghostwriters and editors worked with Terry to develop a business fable that incorporated his most successful complex sales strategies. We helped him create characters to tell the story and translate the concepts in an entertaining way. The result is “The Cinnamon Story: Competitive Differentiation When You Must Win the Sale.” Ingenuity provided all the editing, design and layout, and set-up to self-publish the book. This included gaining acceptance of the book for sale on Amazon as a printed book and a free Kindle electronic book.

Slattery Sales website pop upTo help promote the book, Ingenuity provided scripting, website pop-ups and content to support driving customers to purchase the book. We also consulted with Terry on usage of the book as an incentive for attracting new training and coaching engagements.


Additional marketing consulting resulted from the book project, which included website search and content to improve visitor navigation, development of videos to promote Terry’s expertise, and some PR pitching that resulted in an article published in the national Selling PowerMagazine. To date, Terry has used “The Cinnamon Story” as a platform to attract larger engagements.

No time to share your professional knowledge? A business ghostwriter may be right for you.

“The book turned out better than I had hoped, and I’m proud to share it with my clients as a simple way to communicate complex sales techniques. I would not have had time to publish and promote this book without Ingenuity’s strategy and communications services working with my team. Without them, it might just still be an idea.”

– Terry Slattery, President and CEO
Slattery Sales Group, Minneapolis