“We initially engaged Ingenuity to help us develop a new brand for our firm. After just a few calls with their team, we recognized that with their professionalism, organization and ability to exceed our expectations, we had found a true partner to help us grow our business.  One of the things that clearly demonstrates their expertise is that after those initial meetings, there was never a need for Ingenuity to convince us what they could do for us. They had proven that and as a client, we were asking them to lead and support our other marketing initiatives.”

Gary Anglin,
Managing Partner, Anglin Reichmann Armstrong 

Anglin Reichmann Armstrong

After consulting with Ingenuity, Anglin Reichmann Snellgrove & Armstrong leaders decided to shorten the firm’s branded name to Anglin Reichmann Armstrong and move forward with a new logo and visual identity. As a large regional firm in the Southeastern U.S., Anglin was poised to update its brand to support growth through M&A and recruitment. In addition to logo concepting and design and fonts as well as color palette selection, Ingenuity provided guidance on rolling out the new brand through targeted public relations.

The result is a simple, angular design that reinforces the firm name and also unifies its digital presence with new marketing materials. Response from staff, clients and the public is very positive. Shortly after rebranding, Anglin completed a strategic merger with a firm in Pensacola; the Florida office quickly adopted its new name and modern visual branding. Ingenuity also assisted with internal office communications and public relations in Pensacola to strengthen client loyalty.

After the Rebrand, See How Anglin Leveraged its Modern Look Through a Merger Communications Plan.

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