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This global accounting and advisory association hired Ingenuity Marketing Group to build a manufacturing survey, analyze data and create the report. We provided a turnkey approach to this member resource.

Cover of LEA Global Manufacturing Outlook Survey and Insights Report

Marketing for Associations

Member associations have a fantastic opportunity to differentiate by creating high-value member resources that serve members and clients of members. The LEA Global National Manufacturing Survey and Insights Report delivers hot button manufacturer opinions, growth, challenges and new opportunities. It is an exclusive resource for LEA Global/Leading Edge Alliance members.

LEA Manufacturing Survey Report pages

We strategized on questions previously developed by the client, then we built out the survey and provided marketing guidance and content to promote the survey. Despite a change in the client’s staffing early in the project, our team continued communications and implementation of survey monitoring, analysis and key insights to deliver the final report for publication and promotion. Our design and content team identified a unifying report theme “Foundations for Success” and branded the design, and we also provided use-it-now insights based on our deep survey data analysis.  

We collaborated with the client to make sure that context was given to the timing of the report and survey responses so that the report could be promoted for the following year. We also added depth to certain key issues that ranged from supply chain shortages to staffing and ESG. Our knowledge of accounting and advisory firms supported report context, encouraging manufacturing clients to reach out to their CPAs for guidance on the report conclusions.


Ingenuity wrote an engaging press release for the survey that allowed participating LEA members to promote the report to their manufacturing clients. Members could tailor the release content to their needs.

LEA Manufacturing Survey landing page.

Participating member firms who promoted the survey to their clients or who bought the final survey were able to use this resource as a lead generator on their own websites. Clients and prospects can request the survey via a contact page, which directly supports LEA Global member firm growth.

Our Client Says

“Absolutely streamlined approach to our needs and a thorough report with timely insights.”

– Tony Szczepaniak, Global CEO,
LEA Global

“We are using the manufacturing insights report in client conversations and also to attract new leads…it’s valued added marketing.”

– Suzanne Reed, CMO
LBMC, LEA Global Member