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Design / Creativity / Delivery

Robert is an artist. Seeing the original Star Wars and drawing comic books as a kid (horribly, he says), fueled his love of drawing, the dream stayed alive after he won a prize in a Star Wars-themed drawing contest.

With his degree in graphic design, Robert’s career morphed. Much like the science fiction characters he follows for entertainment, he has transformed a love of art and sci-fi into visual and digital design consulting. Working in manufacturing and a variety of professional services environments, he has the rare gift of understanding traditional art theory as well as the technical complexity of website development. From custom html sites to simpler WordPress interfaces, Robert endears himself to owners and marketers by troubleshooting and solving many web design and digital campaign issues.

Mostly, he loves collaboration — learning what clients like and don’t like about colors, fonts and images. Robert then gets busy building a concept with Ingenuity’s team that provides clarity for professional logos, palettes and identities. From seeming chaos, he calmly pursues the answer for a unique brand every time.

When he needs inspiration, he might turn on a favorite movie or game, or go for a long hike or bike ride. He’s logged thousands of miles, but there’s always another path to explore. Another adventure.


Saint Paul College, Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design


25+ years of graphic design
Web design and development
WordPress development
PHP and CSS Training
ADA Compliance
Marketing automation

Would you rather have the ability to fly or the ability to teleport?
Definitely flying, you have to enjoy the ride!

What is your all-time favorite food?
Home made lasagana!

What is one super-specific museum you would visit?
The Louvre

Do you have a favorite type of exercise?

What’s a movie you could watch every day?
Any Harry Potter movie, they are on all the time