Ideas / Digital / Integration

Shannon is learning to fly. Operating an aircraft is one of many hobbies that satisfy her craving to learn new skills. She used to take apart computers and put them back together for fun. She uses those problem-solving skills today for marketing analysis.

As a digital communications consultant at Ingenuity, Shannon is responsible for social media strategy and analysis, website search engine optimization and analysis and digital ad strategies. She also supports client content development and communications. When she suggests ideas that clients like and adopt, it makes her day.

Ever since Shannon read “Harriet the Spy” as a child, she has had an interest in learning about other people’s lives. This curiosity has served her well as a writer and consultant for manufacturers, professionals, retailers and food companies. Her ideas and recommendations come from many sources: flying at 10,000 feet, playing video games or spending time with her husband and daughter. 


A.A., Valencia College

B.S. Journalism, minor in Philosophy, Religion & Popular Culture, University of Central Florida    


Copywriting, marketing and web development for manufacturing, engineering, retail, food retail and distribution, certified in Google Ads and Google Analytics

What is the coolest thing you’ve ever done so far?

When I lived in Florida, I owned a snake. His name was Rocky Balboa. That was pretty cool. Flying planes is also pretty cool.

What are your must-see destinations?

I love Japanese culture, so I would say Japan. Next would be Greece and the Australian outback.

What is a perfect day for you?

Getting up, making coffee, working, playing with my daughter, lunch, working a little bit, then taking a walk or going to the playground. I enjoying checking the boxes at work with flexibility to be at home.