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Client Support

Connector / Positivity / Guidance

Rebecca prioritizes relationships. Growing up in a small, northern Minnesota town, she learned that important information reached rural areas later than metro areas. Her early career in communications resulted in the first televised sessions and committee meetings of the Minnesota House of Representatives. She combined knowledge of television production with organizational skills to create the House’s television department. This led to a project that allowed rural residents to testify via video feed from their local courthouse or public library rather than having to travel for hours to the Capitol.

Before transitioning to full-time parenting, Rebecca worked for the Minnesota Department of Administration, helping to maintain the state government’s telecommunications network.

As the client support specialist for Ingenuity, Rebecca brings her can-do attitude to a variety of tasks: technology projects, organizing new client materials and supporting administrative needs for our agency. When she isn’t doing research or organizing or communicating with vendors, Rebecca is an artist, gardener, golfer and amateur archeologist. One of her big dreams is to join a dig in Egypt.


B.A. Communication, Augsburg University, Minneapolis     


Information technology in state government, retail sales


Parent-teacher organization board member

Describe a perfect evening.

A strong cup of coffee and staying in my pajamas, having the fireplace on and family brunch. I like having the kids help us make it, and then we serve it on the “good dishes” and spend time together. I cherish those special times. 

What is the coolest thing you’ve experienced so far?

Other than motherhood, traveling to Africa with her husband Sean, for a safari. The breathtaking experience of being feet away from wild, large, animals in their natural environment was spectacular. It was such a magnificent experience to gaze eye to eye with an elephant and something I will never forget.  

How do you spell relief?

For me it’s massages. I love massages. It’s my little escape. Between yoga, meditation and massage, it’s my survival mode. Sometimes the family even joins me in short meditations!

What is your definition of an amazing client relationship?

They have to be open to communication, and we make sure we’re available to them, too. If we don’t have the answer, we’ll tell you that, but at the end of the day we want to get you that answer. I like clients to feel like we’re one click away.

What is your claim to fame or 15 minutes of fame?

I have a knack for running into people. On a trip with my husband to Arizona, I started chatting with this gentleman at the hotel pool. He looked so familiar. It turned out that he was Willie Garson who played Stanford Blatch in “Sex and the City.” We were chatting away like two teen-agers and he never let on until I realized who he was! I took a picture with him and sent it to Dawn. We both loved that show at the time, and she was totally amazed!