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Christine Nelson
Media / Clarity / Reputations


Christine loves words. She has served clients at Ingenuity since 2005, starting out in copywriting and public relations. She has a talent for getting her clients featured in business press and trade publications through pitching and ghostwriting.

A seasoned communications consultant, Christine focuses on lead-generating content strategies and reputation management for professionals across the country. Her previous career in journalism and grammar queen skills ensure quality and industry relevance both inside and outside of Ingenuity. Research and ghostwriting are her happy place.

Christine loves gardening, hiking in Colorado and collecting art museum experiences. Her greatest mission is launching two awesome daughters with her husband. She also coaches summer marching band and strives to be a leader in her church and life.


B.S. Mass Communications, St. Cloud State University


More than 25 years of journalism, business consulting, ghostwriting and media relations for professional services nationwide.
Former editor-in-chief of Central Minnesota professional women’s magazine.
Speaker to professional associations on digital communications strategies and lead generation, public relations, employer brands and reputation management.

Industry Organizations

  • Outreach and music & worship leader at Zion Lutheran Church, Milaca
  • Street marching band color guard instructor, Milaca High School
  • Society for Marketing Professional Services Membership Committee

Do you like cities or remote places better?
I enjoy city attractions, but prefer remote places for the quiet. I adore natural settings for hiking, seeing animals and visiting bodies of water.

Do you sing in the shower?
Of course! Sometimes it’s a warm-up for musical performances, but I also like the acoustics in the shower!

Do you have a favorite type of exercise?
I am loving the Meta VR headset program Supernatural for cardio and boxing, but I also love the strength building of yoga.

What is the worst song, in your opinion?
Unpopular opinion. Hotel California. The melody is flat and the story is creepy. I much prefer it as a poem.

Do you have a favorite memory?
At my oldest daughter’s high school graduation ceremony, my husband directed the band and both of my daughters played in the band. I sat in the bleachers between my mom and dad. I held their hands and felt like life had finally come full circle. I was surrounded by love.