Published Post-Occupancy Report

Obernel Engineering and JLG Architects joined forces to conduct a post-occupancy and thermal analysis on the Gorecki Alumni Center at the University of North Dakota. Their analysis occurred five years after project completion to measure occupant comfort as well as sustainability of materials and energy consumption.

The firms collected and charted all of their data, and then Obernel needed a way to summarize and publish their findings. They chose our communications team at Ingenuity to review all of the data and build a narrative that showcased the project’s results of exceeding all national benchmarks for a LEED Platinum Project.

Gorecki Alumni Center conference room

Photos of Gorecki Alumni Center from the Post-Occupancy Evaluation Report.


Ingenuity interviewed project leads from both firms to understand the key data points as well as their goals for the published report. We approached the project as a journalist would, asking about the challenges encountered and overcome, alternative solutions and the ultimate areas of success.

With multiple sets of data and charts to explore, we had to develop a way to organize it into a story that engaged the reader while also accurately portraying the data analysis. We also had to understand any technical terms or proper names of materials. Written for technical and non-technical audiences, the final report needed to have enough detail to satisfy A/E/C professionals without reading like an abstract to potential clients.

Lighting and Acoustics chart from Post-Occupancy Evaluation Report

Lighting and Acoustics graphic from the Post-Occupancy Evaluation Report.


The client and their partners at JLG reviewed our draft report, and they had very few edits for the final deliverable. They loved the easy flow of copy, the storytelling and attention to detail in our final edit. A change in the marketing person leading this project at the engineering firm didn’t slow us down, which is a testament to strong collaboration on both sides.

Obernel published the final report on their website, which can now be used for business conversations with future clients about sustainable methods and materials as well as their experience with LEED certification. It also demonstrates to project partners that Obernel can help them deliver beyond the benchmarks on sustainable outcomes.  


“We were so impressed with the process and the final drafts. We were especially impressed with your ability to take our technical engineering data and create an article that readers from various backgrounds can understand. We loved working with Ingenuity and their experienced communications consultants.”

– Lucy Dolinsky, Marketing Coordinator
Obernel Engineering