Marketing for Associations

After Ingenuity updated this national association’s logo and branding style guide, they requested assistance with updating their membership guide. The guide showcases member benefits, and it’s a persuasive tool for WCMA’s advocacy in the U.S. wood components industry.


After reviewing the previous membership guide, we gathered ideas from the executive director on branding key messages. We asked her about member recruitment and retention goals. We wanted to make the guide more visually interesting and quickly informative for busy manufacturers. We had a lot of information to cover in an 8-page brochure, but the copy had to be easy to consume.

The brochure also needed clear messaging to attract and retain members: just one step to apply and three ways to be an active member.


We personalized the brochure by identifying the right industry images along with photos of actual members and industry partners. We also used illustrative icons and tinted callout boxes to support eye-catching graphic design. Some of the main images in the brochure have a curvy shape to match WCMA’s logo.

Headlines throughout the brochure focus on the reader:
• Promote your industry to the world.
• Elevate your business reputation.
• Be a champion.

Current and potential members are celebrated in the brochure even as it informs them of WCMA’s role as an advocate for the industry.

The client was pleased with the fresh, branded layout for the membership brochure. Plus, WCMA staff can use talking points in the brochure for quality leads and member recruitment and retention conversations.


“Ingenuity is a great marketing firm to work with. They consistently communicated with us on the project and took the time to understand what we were looking for."

“As a small trade association, it was important to get feedback from our board members, which doesn't always happen quickly. The team at Ingenuity understood the process and worked with me to keep things moving. Their pricing is reasonable and their work is very high quality."

– Amy Snell, Executive Director
Wood Components Manufacturers Association