New CPA Logo

A Boston-based CPA and advisory firm known for its reputation among high-net-worth families and private equity groups needed an elevated look and feel for its new logo.

The logo should be attractive to a new generation of leaders while also speaking to the legacy of Walter Shuffain’s long-time clients. Ingenuity was referred to the firm through its outsourced marketing agency, Inovautus Consulting. Working with Inovautus as Walter Shuffain’s marketing director, we needed a collaborative and accessible process as their design team. Essentially, we had two important client relationships to consider in our communications and recommendations.


After understanding their preferences and expectations, we reviewed the firm’s existing branding research and messaging, values statements and employee feedback. We used this information to create a design tile with inspirational imagery, color palettes, differentiating words and design notes that spoke to the firm’s brand personality.

The elegance and sophistication of Walter Shuffain’s clients required a broader view of what it means to be a multi-generational, affluent client in the Boston area. The firm wanted the logo to represent that balance between modern ideas and their team’s timeless quality.

As rebranding consultants, we also understood the importance of appealing to a younger potential client or a future employee through this logo design.


Walter Shuffain home page design

The resulting logo removes the ampersand and features a sans serif font with angles and forward movement. The two-toned glyph’s darker color represents a stylized “w” while the teal tone indicates the “s.” The glyph balances the firm’s recognizable name, but it can also be used alone in social media.

Through our research analysis, we also came upon the tagline or theme of “Imagine your IDEAL.” The theme highlights the results and rewards of working with a knowledgeable advisor. The message is also adaptable for recruitment communications.

Overall, our collaboration with Inovautus and the leadership at Walter Shuffain, accomplished the client’s goal: a new logo that captures their brand and business goals. They rolled out their new logo and updated color palette as part of a new website launch.


“It was great to work with Ingenuity on rebranding and website development for Walter Shuffain. They listened to our goals, followed our brand research and were adaptable in their collaboration. We love the rich color palette and tagline, and their approach to design and content makes brand consistency a breeze.”

– Sarah Johnson Dobek, President,
Inovautus Consulting

“Our mission has always been to help people and organizations make better decisions and reach their ideals,” said Jonathan Yorks, Managing Shareholder at Walter Shuffain. “This brand update embodies our unique mindset and approach to doing business.”