Brand Positioning, Web Design and SEO Strategy

Our client built a successful business finding and delivering historical property data to environmental consultants, commercial real estate professionals, engineers and historic preservation professionals. They also achieved substantial subscriptions from public library systems around the country. On this foundation, they launched a consumer side of the business that makes these resources available to novice and professional historical researchers. The name is HistoryMosaic.

Ingenuity had the privilege of designing their visual brand and tagline along with consulting on key competitive messaging. The glyph represents the layering of mapping research available through their historic resources.

Horizontal example of the HistoryMosaic logo.

After approvals on our visual and key message brand positioning and implementation, we then consulted and delivered phase two of the website design and development, copyediting, SEO strategy and launch. We worked closely with our client to create a website that fit their goals of positive first impressions on the home page, simplicity of navigation for consumer visitors and education about why a subscription is valuable for historic research.

The bright color scheme inspiration comes from the full-color Fire Insurance Map, which is a competitive hallmark resource of the entire collection.

The website pages are laid out clearly to help visitors learn about the myriad resources, learn how to conduct a search and get tutorials on keeping their discoveries organized.

Although we don’t normally develop consumer websites, this project is a natural extension of Ingenuity’ BtoB consulting with law firms, engineering firms and other professionals.

We loved strategizing on the technical aspects required to truly understand the business and meet the client’s goals! Plus, our knowledge of brand positioning and marketing strategy supports the buying experience.

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